Elrom, Rom, Salomon & Co. law firm was founded in 2009 by Adv. Avi Elrom, one of the most senior attorneys in Israel in the field of tort and insurance, together with Adv. Sharon Rom and Adv. Lior Salomon. The firm is one of the leading and most experienced law firms in Israel in the fields of tort, contracts and insurance law. The firm specializes in professional liability defense, medical malpractice, insurance law, planning and construction law, municipalities, professional liability, product liability, as well as in cases related to exposure to hazardous materials.

The staff of the firm, comprising some 20 attorneys and 6 associates, handles case files and provide professional consulting services on the subject of risk management, insurance and tort on behalf of institutional clients and corporations in Israel and abroad. The uniqueness of the firm is in the extensive experience of the staff, accumulated over many years of dealing in these fields, during the course of which the staff members were involved in some of the largest and most complex law suits in Israel. The firm represents leading companies and
organizations in Israel and abroad.

A Broad Client Base

The firm represents a broad spectrum of private, institutional and corporate clients. Amongst the firm's clients are some of the largest insurance companies in Israel, including Harel Insurance, Clal Insurance and the Phoenix insurance companies. The firm represents Local Authorities, the Tel Aviv Municipality and Planning and Construction Committees, as well as corporations and groups such as Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the Oil Refineries Company, and Magen David Adom in Israel. In addition, the firm represents many foreign companies including pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Baxter, Gambro and others and foreign insurance companies such as the Beazley Group. Furthermore, the firm represents, directly and through insurance companies, physicians, medical institutes and hospitals, including HMOs, the large public hospitals (Beilinson, Soroka etc.), the Hadassah Hospital, Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital, Assuta Hospital, Laniado Hospital, etc.
The firm handles litigation case files before the various judicial instances, before quasi-judicial instances, such as Appeal Committees, in the field of planning and construction and Ministry of Health Commissions.

Commitment to the Client's Needs
The firm is committed to providing its clients with professional legal services enveloped in creativity, innovation and effectiveness. The commitment to the needs of the client is the shining light guiding the firm, whether the client is a private individual or a large corporation or organization. The firm's attorneys are attentive to the needs of their clients and act fervently to achieve the clients objectives with respect to routine matters as well as with respect to complex issues. The day to day work relations between the various attorneys in the firm ensure
the formulation of the best and most suitable team to handle any matter, making effective use of the correlation between various and varied spheres of knowledge.